UNL Student Ready To Spread Smiles Thanks To Scholarships, Support

Theo Krieger is a senior pre-dentistry and management major at the University at Nebraska-Lincoln.

­­Most four-year-olds dread the thought of the dentist’s chair.

For Theo Krieger, it was his favorite day of the year.

Krieger, an Arlington, Texas native and ­­­­­current senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln­ said those trips to the dentist as a child sparked his interest in pursuing a career in dentistry. He said the care and attention his dentist showed toward him and his family made each visit special.

“He would always let me be my mom’s dental assistant,” Krieger said. “It wasn’t a crazy impact that I was having, but I felt like I was doing something productive.”

As he grew, Krieger saw firsthand how impactful a smile can be. Kreiger’s grandmother began experiencing tooth decay because of medication. After receiving dentures, her smile returned for the first time in years.


Now, she smiles all the time...

“Now, she smiles all the time,” Krieger said. “The impact of a smile is almost immeasurable because there are so many mental aspects that go along with it. It is so impactful.”

Krieger, a pre-dentistry student, will receive a bachelor’s degree in management this May. He hopes to combine his degree with his passion for dentistry to open his own practice. There, he hopes to fight the mental stigma associated with visiting the dentist.

“If kids have a negative first-time experience that sort of formats how they view the dentist for the rest of their life,” Krieger said. “A dentist is a vital doctor you still need to go to and visit each year.”

As a recipient of a scholarship through the College of Business, Krieger has been given the freedom to pursue his passions and focus on being a successful student.

“I want to be financially stable in my future,” he said. “This scholarship has been super beneficial because I’m actually able to pursue what I like and experience things that I enjoy rather than having to sacrifice that so I can afford to pay my bills.”

Thanks to the resources provided by the College of Business’ Business Career Center, along with advice from his professors and advisors, Krieger has a path to make that dream a reality.

“The support system at the College of Business has been so strong and I’ve had so many great experiences,” he said. “Over the last four years, I’ve learned so many invaluable experiences that I don’t think I would have had anywhere else in the country.”

These experiences wouldn’t be possible without the support of generous donors who continue to support the College of Business and its students during Glow Big Red and beyond.

 The impact of their gifts can be seen just by looking at the smile on Krieger’s face as he moves closer to achieving his dreams.

“The value of your gift is almost immeasurable because you’re furthering my education farther than I ever expected,” Krieger said. “…You’re providing students like me with the opportunity to pursue our passions and grow to be the best individuals and professionals we can be.”

You’re providing students like me with the opportunity to pursue our passions and grow to be the best individuals and professionals we can be.


UNL College of Business

You can support students like Theo at the College of Business by making a contribution to the Business Start Something Fund. A gift to this fund provides much-needed general support to the college and allows the college to meet priority needs as they arise.

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