Nebraska Hockey Club Continues to Thrive Thanks to Glow Big Red

For out-of-state University of Nebraska–Lincoln students Evan Detina and Nathan Weber, their college experience includes more than academics. Detina and Weber are active members of the UNL Men’s Ice Hockey Club, a student-run Division III team playing in both the Mid-American Collegiate Hockey Association and nationally under the American Collegiate Hockey Association.

Weber, a junior accounting and finance student, spoke about his first impressions of the University of Nebraska, “I instantly fell in love with the city, campus and university.” Detina, a senior majoring in agricultural business, echoed Weber’s sentiments. “This is definitely what college is supposed to be like,” he said.

For both Weber and Detina, the team quickly grew to be more than just an athletic outlet. Being part of the team instantly gave Weber a home away from home and contributed to his mental well-being. “I remember I came to practice the first day, no expectations and I made 30 instant friends,” said Weber.

Detina, the team treasurer, pointed out the valuable skills members can gain beyond the rink. “We get to do so much in terms of management, communication, budgeting… it’s not just a sports environment, but also a management environment,” he said.

“My favorite memory has to be nationals my freshman year. We went in and upset a conference rival, and it was just one of the most memorable wins in my entire hockey career,” said Detina.

As a club team, the Men’s Ice Hockey Club is mostly player-funded, with team members paying over $2,000 a year to play the sport they love. This financial weight can bar students from being able to participate in the club “I can name a few people who have had to stop participating because of that burden,” said Weber. “If we want to keep the club alive, we kind of have to find a way to eliminate those costs.”

Ongoing Donor support is one important way the UNL Men’s Ice Hockey Club can take their skillset to the next level. “The more support we get from donors, the more opportunities we have,” said Detina.

The team travels to the ACHA National Tournament yearly to compete against teams from across the country. “Some of the donations definitely go toward that trip,” Detina said. “So having that burden lifted a little bit is a huge help to our program.”

Thanks to generous donations, the UNL Men’s Ice Hockey Club continues to compete and get students involved while creating a community for students.

Donor support for the hockey club does not stop at helping the team. The team is an active philanthropic body, dedicating certain nights during their season to the Wounded Warrior Project and the American Cancer Society. “It’s cool that we’re able to use our platform to do that philanthropy and charity work as well,” said Weber.

Your support during Glow Big Red impacts the lives of students like Evan Detina and Nathan Weber. Thank you for making a gift to support UNL’s students and helping make this year’s Glow Big Red a success!


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